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General Questions

Do you have an Age Requirement to play?

Ages of 6+ years and greater is highly recommended as the blasters can be hard to handle otherwise. 

How long is each game?

10-15 minutes per set.

Can I add more players anytime during the party?

A paid event accommodates up to 10 players. Each additional player over the initial 10 is an additional charge of $15.00 per player.

Where do we sign Waivers?

You may download and print the waivers here

Do I have to put a down payment to save my reservation?

We require all payments in advance to hold your special date.

What if my guest cannot sign the waiver online?

We will have digital and paper waivers available on site for your event.

My family and friends usually come to my events late. Can I have you guys start 1 hour after the party starts?

We have set times to make sure we provide a great experience for all who have booked an event with us; however, if our schedule allows, you may ask to extend your game time for an additional fee.

COVID-19 Questions

Do you clean your Laser tag Equipment?

We currently follow the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) guidelines for daily cleanings and clean between all events

How many people can play?

We follow the most up to date CDC guidelines, We can accommodate a minimum of 10 players on the battle field, but extra players can be added for additional cost

What do you guys do to make sure we are safe?

We provide a basic safety and equipment instruction prior to your guests taking the field.

Are there limitations on venue locations?

They should be free from any hazardous conditions, such as very rocky terrain, sand and excessive water or wet conditions. A pre-site evaluation is available upon request to make the necessary changes, suggestions or accommodations to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Reservation Questions

Do I have to put a down payment to save my reservation?

We require all payments in advance to hold your special date.

How do I cancel my event?

We require a seven-day notice of cancellation and will hold 25% of your down payment.

Can I change my date and time after its booked?

We require at least a seven-day notice to change the date of the event as long as it does not conflict with another customers event date and time.

What happens if it rains the day of our event?

You may rebook your event for another day at no additional cost. We will hold onto your payment for a future event date of your choice.

Laser Tag Questions

Is your laser tag game Wheelchair accessible?

We welcome all players to participate, if you can hold a tagger and move around safely, you or your child are welcome to play.

What if someone gets injured at my event?

If you or your child are injured during the event, please take the appropriate steps that you feel are necessary to seek any medical attention you or they require at your cost.

Do you provide outfits or team identifiers?

The taggers and headbands have colored lights to denote the teams.

Do we need safety gear to play?

You should dress appropriately for the venue. We recommend shoes that cover your entire foot and offer good support.

Can we play laser tag in a parking lot or on hard surfaces?

Yes, we can accommodate a parking lot or hard surface. All players should wear the appropriate clothing for these types of surfaces.

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We are a family-based company with the love of playing video games, having fun, and adrenaline. We have been the exclusive laser tag provider for Heartstoppers Haunted House, since 2018. We gratefully appreciate your interest in us as a new and growing company and value your input. Let's make Combat Laser Overload the best mobile laser tag experience you have ever had.

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